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In today's competitive business climate, banks and credit card companies have been joined by travel agencies, utility providers and media companies in the rush to exploit the latest branch of relationship marketing, knowledge management.
India offers the ideal location, with low real estate costs, a mature and technologically advanced telecommunications industry and a level of deregulation that has encouraged fierce competition and kept call charges low.

Star touch  brings together world-class resources, software, and expertise to help create valuable relationships between our clients, their customers and their employees.

Call Centre... defined

An inbound call center is a place where customer calls are handled by a customer service organization. Typically, a call center has the ability to handle a considerable volume of calls at the same time, aided by computer automation. Inbound calls are screened and then forwarded to the correct customer service representative at the call center. Call centers are used by internet and catalog retailers, telemarketing companies, and product help lines.

Contact Centre...defined

The Call Center is evolving into what is called a Contact Center. A combination of technology trends - with the Internet being a primary driver - and changing market needs is transitioning Call Centers from corporate operational cost centers into a strategic and significant business process.
The focus is changing from handling customer calls to maximizing customer value. And this is achieved through meaningful interaction. The growth of e-business has meant that an increasing number of Call Centers are being equipped to handle fax, e-mail and text-chat. Both with live-agents and in automated format.
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